I have always looked forward to each day of summer when my PS3 controller is glued to my hands. Little did I know, however, that my dream to study abroad will not only separate me from my gaming console but also change my life forever.

To help me prepare for college, I joined CAMP (College Admissions Mentors for Peers), a group run by students whose vision is for Filipinos to have equal academic opportunities as to those abroad.

One of the advice given to me by Michi Ferreol, my CAMP mentor, is to apply for an internship. After sending my resume to, I never looked back.


On April 1, my first day on the job, I entered the One School Building along Paseo de Roxas. I was formally introduced to my co-workers, Miss Patricia, Miss Kathlyn and Sir Jerald and also to my bosses, Miss Lites, Miss Alice and Sir Henry. Quoting from my journal entry on that day, “I had so much fun, because all of them made me feel so welcome. I was a bit overwhelmed, though, with all my duties and responsibilities as the Student Ambassador, but the prospect of having to benefit from all these things definitely comforts me.”

Check out my first blog post about my commute to work: Signs for a Change


A day at work spells fun and spontaneity.

I quote from my journal, “As time goes by, my love for and the team grows. There is never a dull moment at work. Can’t time just slow down?”

It was truly a pleasure writing articles, researching for universities, making contacts and creating posters for


One day, I received an e-mail from Miss Lites. “The BCDA CEO will be ready for your interview on April 22.” Upon reading it, I felt extremely happy, for this does not come to just anyone. Indeed, God has given me the opportunity to be inspired through one of his instruments: Mr. Arnel Casanova.

My blog post can tell you more about my interview experience.

In our interview he said, “It is not good that you are the only light shining and the world is in total darkness,” and I was all the more driven to serve others in God’s wonderful grace.

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Excited to work, I went to the office early. It was around 9 AM, and I decided to do some unfinished business.

Visitors came into the office: a business man and two  interns from Kaya Collaborative. It was a pleasure meeting them even if it was only for a very short time.

Hungry, we ordered pizza and pasta from Yellow Cab to celebrate my last day and Sir Jerald’s birthday.  We were all so full after.

Also, Sir Henry called me and asked about the whole internship experience. I thanked him so many times, and he was so grateful that I joined “I am with you in spirit,” he said from miles away.

Together with my parents, I received my certificate of completion from Miss Lites and Miss Alice.

All was well.

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Summer of 2014 will definitely be memorable!

I learned a lot from working in, and I am sure that its team will continue to provide academic opportunities to empower and guide students to success. I am proud to say that I have witnessed and experienced this amazing effort first-hand with the success part soon to follow.

My sincerest gratitude goes to and CAMP.


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